Membership / Benefits

  • Membership is free and open to all Sandhills citizens that are honorably discharged/retired veterans or current members of the Armed services.
  • Veteran means to us:
    • honorable service of any length 2 or 30-year tours
    • service in war-time  or peace-time missions
    • any current or past member of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or the Coast Guard
  • Spouses of retired/discharged, active, national guard, or reserve military veterans may join
  • Joining: To join the Guild simply reach out to the Guild via the email and explain your affiliation as a veteran and your business.  Be prepared to show proof of honorable service.


Things we can’t do:

  • Ensure your business is successful. The effort you are undertaking is personal and while the members of the guild can offer advice and ideas they cannot/will not be able to do the work for you.  You must be prepared to give 100% of your focus to your business and accept the fact that it may not succeed.
  • Offer any official legal or financial advice. This is a volunteer group of mentors that can share lessons and ideas.
  • Provide any financial backing for projects. Again this is a voluntary group of business owners seeking to coach you into becoming a successful business owner.  We are not a financial institute.