The Sandhills NC Veteran Business Owner and Entrepreneur Guild will educate the community about veteran owned businesses, mentor member and aspiring member business owners, and develop a sense of camaraderie that can make all veterans in the Sandhills better citizens through entrepreneurship.

Guild Tasks:

  • Support and mentor fellow veteran business owners (veterans transitioning from the military and spouses of active and retired/discharged military members are eligible members) and also develop new veteran business owners and assist them in their transition into civilian life and the business world
  • Become a central point of contact in the community for veteran business owners
  • Educate elected and appointed officials in the community about the impact of veteran businesses on the economy and the needs of the owners. Ensure they realize the changes in demographics related to the military.
  • Help the community to better serve and utilize veteran owned businesses
  • Increase awareness of new Veteran Owned businesses and increase patronage of current business

Where we call home in the Sandhills of North Carolina:



Southern Pines

Whispering Pines

Why a Guild?

Historically guilds were created to unite people with related interests and goals.  They were made to provide mutual aid or protection. They were also formed to maintain standards and to protect the interests of its members.  We think this is a good description of what we are trying to do in the Sandhills to unite, promote, protect, Veterans and to declare a high standard for veteran owned businesses.